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Regular Season Game
Friday Sep. 29 at 8:00 PM
Ron Ebbesen Arena
Okotoks 38 35 3 0 70
Medicine H.. 38 27 8 3 57
Cochrane 38 23 12 3 49
Strathmore 38 18 18 2 38
Coaldale 38 13 20 5 31
High River 38 6 29 3 15
Billet Information
Cubs Billet Information

Each season the Medicine Hat Cubs recruit talented hockey players who show great potential to play at the Junior hockey level. In order to take advantage of this great opportunity, some players need billet families willing to share their homes. 

For many of the players, this may be their first time away from home and will be in need of a stable living environment for their move to Medicine Hat. Part of our commitment to our players and their parents is to provide them with a good home.

To help with the expense of housing a Medicine Hat Cubs player, the player pays the host family $500.00 per month to help with food costs and utilities. 

What is expected of the billet family? 
The player needs a room of his own, or can share with another team member. He needs a bed and dresser and some closet space. Players are expected to provide their own personal care items, cell phones, media equipment and take care of their own transportation needs (most will have their own vehicle). The billet family needs to have food available for the player. 

What is expected of the player? 
Players are encouraged to become involved with the billet family that has so generously welcomed them in. As a member of the household, the players are expected to share on the daily chores as well as maintain their own rooms and do their own laundry. On occasion, the player may have to look after their own meals, if the billet family is away. 
The Cubs practice Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Wednesday mornings. Some players may have college classes, hold part-time jobs, or volunteer at community events. At the discretion of the coaching staff, curfews may put in place.

How long is the billet family commitment? 
This will vary depending on the player. Some are with the billet family during the fall training camp and pre-season only; others require a home for the duration of the hockey season. Depending on the season this may be from early September to the end of April. Most players will go home during the holiday breaks or as the schedule permits. 
To cover the expenses billet families are paid $500.00 monthly for each player in their home. Some families have found it easier to host two players as they can travel together and are company for each other.

If you are interested in the possibility of becoming a Medicine Hat Cubs billet family and want more information please contact Billet Coordinator Donna Schlosser at 403-866-0220 or email dschloss@telusplanet.net

To download the Billet Questionnaire Click Here


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